Information about Share-ma


What is Share-ma?

Share-ma is a sharing community (BBS) for Japanese people and foreign residents of Japan. Members can share things, spaces, skills, and more easily and free of charge. Use Share-ma to sell, give away, and trade items; rent or share things and spaces, provide help, services, skills, and expertise; find group members; and post job openings and event notifications.

■Turning unused items into new value

Do you have any unused items that would be a shame to throw away? Share-ma is a community marketplace where you can transform items, spaces, skills, and more into gratitude, friendship, cash, or other types of new value.

■Free members-only community

You can register for Share-ma with an e-mail address or Facebook account! Anybody can use this members-only community (BBS) easily and free of charge. Your e-mail address will not be published when you post, so there’s no need to worry.

■Share various things easily!

This BBS is for sharing various items, spaces, and skills, including selling, giving away, or trading items and sharing unused spaces or your special skills.

■Direct communication

The concept at Share-ma is “real communication” in which the members generally meet or communicate directly with each other. It is designed to be a forum where you can enjoy personal communication while sharing various things.

■Safe and fun place for interaction

Posts on Share-ma are checked daily to ensure that it is a safe and fun community. We hope all members will help to create an enjoyable and meaningful community together!

■Enjoy international exchange

"Share-ma is a multilingual (Japanese and English) free classified site where Japanese people and foreign residents of Japan can enjoy interacting with each other. Using Google Translate, even people who don’t speak the same language can communicate to a certain degree (of course, there are limitations). We hope that Share-ma will be a fun forum for Japanese people and foreign residents of Japan to interact by sharing various items and skills. 

【How to switch between the Japanese and English pages】
You can switch the language using the pull-down menu (“Ja” or “En”) in the upper right corner of the page. You can also use the Google Translate pull-down menu above to translate posts and messages."

Administration: Mikle Share-ma Operations Team@Ishigaki Island
Contact: You can reach us using the contact form