Information about Share-ma

How it works

Guidelines for Use

We ask that you abide by the guidelines below when using Share-ma.

Member registration and posting guidelines

【STEP 1】Register as a member using your Facebook account or e-mail address.
【STEP 2】Create your profile using the icon in the upper right corner of the page. (You can also register using a nickname!)
【STEP 3】Use the “Post” button in the upper right corner to make your first post!See the posting guidelines for each category below.
【STEP 4】Click the “Close list” link on the relevant page if you want to remove a post. This makes your post private. (Don't forget to do this when your transaction is complete.)
Posting is even easier with a smartphone!
Visit the smartphone version of the website using the QR code below. 


【Guidelines for FOR SALE】

In principle, when selling an item, you should meet in person to deliver the item and accept payment. Exercise caution to prevent any problems when shipping items cash on delivery, receiving payments by bank transfer, etc., all of which are at your own risk.
We recommend using a service like Yamato Transport’s Auction Ta-Q-Bin to prevent any problems.

【Guidelines for FREE】

When giving away items, you can meet in person or ship them cash on delivery. Decide on the details of the transaction together. (To prevent any problems, do not transfer payment for shipping charges in advance.)


【Guidelines for BARTERING

Trading of items is limited to owners of the items themselves.
The method of sending the items exchanged is to be decided by the members involved in the transaction (cash on delivery, advance payment, etc.).


The Renting/Sharing and Real Estate/Space categories are limited to owners of the items, spaces, properties, etc. This excludes items for which qualifications, licenses, etc. are required by laws and ordinances for ownership or handling.
In principle, the owner and user should meet in person to hand over the item/space, provide explanations, and make payment.
For renting or sharing, the poster is responsible for preventing problems by verifying the identity of the user, checking the condition of the item or real estate, signing a written contract, etc.




Only the individual providing the service may post it in the Help/Services, Skills/Expertise, and Classes/Lessons categories. You may not introduce or dispatch another person.
Postings that violate laws and ordinances or that will lead to criminal acts, seriously dangerous acts, or bothering others are prohibited.




Do not post things that go against public order or morals or that will make other users uncomfortable. (Examples: adult content, online dating, requests for food or money, begging)
Postings that violate laws and ordinances or that will lead to criminal acts, seriously dangerous acts, or bothering others are prohibited.

Guidelines FAQ

Q. What if I encounter bothersome or troublesome behavior, etc.?
A. Notify the Share-ma Management Team using the “Contact us” option on the menu at the top of the site.

Q. I received an inquiry from a foreign resident (Japanese person) in English (Japanese). What should I do?
A. Share-ma is a multilingual sharing community where members can communicate in Japanese or English, so you may receive inquiries from foreign residents (Japanese people). You can select Google Translate at the top right corner to translate the content of the page. Needless to say, this is an automatic translation service so it is not perfect. The concept of Share-ma is a forum for Japanese people and foreign residents to enjoy interacting by sharing various things, so we hope you will have a positive attitude and enjoy communicating with others who do not understand your language. (If you try but it’s impossible to communicate, don’t worry about it.) 
If you are a foreign resident of Japan who is studying Japanese or a Japanese person studying English, Share-ma is the perfect forum to try out your language skills and make friends with people from other countries."

Q. I’ve tried my best, but I just can’t communicate with a foreign resident (Japanese person). (We can’t understand each other.)
A. That’s too bad. In such cases, send a message like the one below to cancel the transaction.
 “I’m very sorry, but I don’t understand your message and must cancel this transaction.”

Q. Does the Share-ma Office help with translations, etc.?
A. No, the Share-ma Office does not help with translations. Please do the best you can.

Q. Will I be compensated for damages related to transactions, etc.?
A. There is no function for damage compensation, so engage in transactions and other interactions at your own risk.

Q. How can I avoid problems?
A. The scenarios below may be scams or fraudulent transactions.
    - A popular product listed well below market value (iPhones, televisions, game consoles, computers, etc.)
  -> Look up the market value on other auction websites, etc.
 - You are asked to pay for shipping in advance for an item being given away
  -> Meet in person or have the other member send the item cash on delivery 
 - You are asked to communicate via e-mail or LINE
  -> Be sure to exchange messages only on Share-ma
 - Images or explanations copied and pasted from other websites
  -> Search for the image and explanation to see if they have been copied

Q. Is there a payment function?
A. The site does not offer any payment functions.
(* “PayPal” is listed under “Payments” in the account settings, but this feature is not currently available.)

Q. Why is the site free?
A. Share-ma is currently operated as an experimental sharing platform. It is not a profit-making business, so everything is available for free.

Q. Where was the Share-ma system developed?
A. Share-ma was created using Sharetribe, a Finnish sharing platform service.

Q. What does “Share-ma” mean?
A. It is an abbreviation of “Sharing Market.” The site was originally operated as “Eco-ma” (Eco Market), a flea market website. We redesigned it and opened the new Share-ma on December 20, 2016.