ONLINE FREE NCBO Language Exchange!

Hey! Are you also looking for new friends from different countries?
Especially now with the current world situation? Or maybe want to learn a new language?
NCBO language exchange takes place on "Zoom" and would love to have you swing by!!

さまざまな国の友達を作り、新しい言語を学びませんか? ?


This event will be hosted by international staff! Japanese staff will also participate! Share your traditions, language and culture while spending a great time with us ONLINE! We will even be playing a couple of games to make learning a lot more fun!


The event starts at 3 PM and finishes around 5 PM and is free for all participants.

Schedule of the event イベントスケジュール
15.00 - Welcome / 開始
15.30 - English only / 英語のみ
16.10 - Japanese only / 日本語のみ
16.50 - Last words / 締めの挨拶&次回お知らせ
17.00 - Finish / 終了

Please note that most guests tend to come alone, for our events, so don't be put off if you have a friend that can't join this time. Also note that the amount of people joining is expected to be higher than the amount you see on meet up as the event is promoted on different sites.

< このイベントのポイント >

So please come on online and spend a good time while staying safe inside.


★Host profile ホスト紹介★
Alex Bang Jensen
- From Denmark (デンマークから)
- Japanese calligraphy (書道)
- World traveler (世界旅行者)
- Youtuber
- English teacher (英語教師)
- Cat lover (猫好き)

開催日: 2020/06/28
投稿エリア: 大阪
対象エリア: 全国OK
掲載日 2020/06/15

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