Looking for a Career Adviser

Position name: Career Consultant
Employment: Full-time employees
Department: Staffing Division

Work location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Training/Trial Period: Yes (3 months)
Working hours: 09:00〜18:00

Job Details:
Specific business overview:
The company staff carefully listen customer and recruitment issues of companies that want to hire advanced engineers and experts, to propose and sell optimal services.
The current main products are as followings:
1) Human resource introduction service
2) Event planning that creates encounters between companies and job seekers
3) Comprehensive consulting activities for recruitment
In order to solve the problems of companies
Please create and propose the optimal service.

Must Condition:
A potential candidate who meets all the following requirements:
1. Persons with sales experience for about 1 year (whether tangible, intangible, individual or corporate). 1 year experience HR Industry.
2. Basic computer skills (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)"
3.Language: Possessing N1 (neither equivalent or anything)

Welcome Condition: Experience in recruitment business

Expected annual salary when entering the company: 3 million yen to 6 million yen

Break time: 60 Minutes
Overtime work: About 20 hours a month, Fixed overtime system
Treatment conditions / sales bonus: Determined based on experience and ability.
-Discretionary work system (depending on the daily work volume, before and after working hours can be shortened)
・ Social insurance: complete
・ Housing allowance: Exist (but according to internal regulations)
・ Transportation fee: Full payment up to 20.000 yen / month
・ Remote work: Yes
・ Multiple work: Possible
‘Transportation expenses are not paid when housing allowance is applied.

Various company insurance, rent subsidy system (provided according to company regulations for employees living within 2 stations of each line from the nearest station of the head office), family allowance (according to company regulations)

[Number of annual holidays: 120 days or more]
2 days a week (Saturday, Sunday), holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, 4 summer holidays, special holidays such as (Special holidays for funeral and weddings), paid leave (granted 10 days after entering the company)
If you go to work on a holiday due to an event, etc., you will get a holiday on another day of the week."

Application Method: Please send your updated resume at recruit@b-causebd.com

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対象エリア: 全国OK
掲載日 2020/01/27

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