Looking for a President's secretary

Position name: President's secretary

Employment: Regular / Contract Employee
Work location: Marunouchi, Tokyo
Working hours: 10: 00-19: 00

[Background for recruitment] A potential candidate is expected to expand networks along with company representatives, building mutual overwhelming relationships with local and overseas customers.

Job Description
Being able to build bridges with potential clients as well as to be a binding bridge between companies and companiesrepresentatives and CEO.
Specific working conditions
A potential candidate will be in charge of the Secretary of the President of the company and general English affairs. Based on your business situation and capacity, a potential candidate is assigned to perform general affairs and HR tasks in the future.
(1) Adjust appointments with overseas business partners / Contact with business representatives. Mail exchange. Schedule update and (80% of total work)
There are many European customers. As we often exchange emails, there are no particular issues, such as time differences and time-zone related issues.
Appointments for conference calls, video conferences, and Skype meetings. There is no appointments such as a business trip. An applicant is tasked such as creating a list of potential customers for new development and distributing DMs. The company
s customer is E-Commerce companies. The company searches for E-Commerce companies, creating lists, and building e-commerce partnerships.
(2) President's general secretary duties such as set an appointment and schedule management (10%)
Kind reminder: a potential candidate is expected to perform duties based on ①duty, then ②.
3. RP staff using SNS etc. for overseas (10%)
Continuously updating the recent news and event information on SNS. (Mainly in English)

Mandatory requirements:
•Bachelor of Economics / Management (who is interested in business models such as virtual currency)
•Language: English: Native level, Japanese: N1

Welcome / preferable requirements:
•Experienced working in English
•Person who has worked and studied in fields such as virtual currency
•Functions can be used in Excel etc.

Expected annual income: 3 million (new graduate) to 4 million (midway)

¥ 220,000 / month ~ ¥ 300,000 / month + bonus
Fully equipped with social insurance and transportation expenses

[Holiday and vacation]
◇ Complete two-day per week, summer vacation, New Year holidays, Paid leave, GW vacation

Before and after childbirth
◇ Parental leave, Nursing care leave, Special vacation

Application Method: Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at: recruit@b-causebd.com

対象エリア: 全国OK
投稿エリア: 東京
掲載日 2020/03/18

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