Mechanical Design Engineer

Position: Mechanical design engineer
Employment form: Regular Employee.
Trial period: Yes (3 months)
Work address: Tokyo

Recruitment Background: The team is going to expand due to business expansion.
Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering Department 1
Position: Mechanical design engineer
Details of Assigned department: Potential candidate is expected to work as our employee in Clients Company.

Business Description:
Company provides technical human resources services specialized in the IT and engineering (mechanical and electrical) fields.
Main products and services
IT outsourcing service (outsourcing / contracting contract, engineer dispatch)
Job description:
General operations of various products such as mechanical design, housing design, development, evaluation analysis, CAE, etc.
Participate in Project development at major manufacturers such as automobiles, aircraft, and home appliances.
From design and development of products and equipment using CAD (3D / 2D), design assistance, CAD operation, analysis,
You will be active in Project where you can feel the growth of technology considering your experience and skills.

Required conditions:
1) Mechanical background (graduated from mechanical university etc.)
2) 1 year of practical work experience in a company
3) Japanese proficiency of N2/N3 or higher

Welcoming condition:
・ Experience in mechanical design regardless of field
・ Person who has long-term working experience in one job (over 3 years)
・ Those who have experience in modeling using 3DCAD (irrespective of CAD type)
・ Those who want to change career from design in fields other than machinery
・ Experience in product evaluation, production management, production technology
・ Those who understand the structure of cars, such as car maintenance
・ Person who has management experience such as project leader

Estimated annual income when joining the company: 3.5 million yen-6.5 million yen

■ Salary structure: “Basic salary” + “Regional allowance” + “Overtime fixed allowance (equivalent to 20h)” = “Monthly salary”
Monthly salary: 260,000 yen-420,000 yen (determined according to experience and ability)
* Paid separately every 5 minutes for overtime work (100% paid)
* Transportation expenses (regulated)
* Closing at the end of the month → Payment on the 25th of the month
* There is no change in salary (treatment) for the trial period of 3 months

Welfare and Salary:
■ Raise (once a year)
■ Bonus (twice a year)
■ Transportation expenses are paid in full. Various social insurances are provided (health, work injury, welfare pension, and employment)
■ Full-time allowance paid
■ Short working hours for childcare
■ Business trip allowance
■ Health check-up (once a year)
■ Employee stock ownership system
■ Financial savings system
■ Semi-paid paid acquisition system
■ General welfare group term insurance system
■ Outpatient allowance (5 times a month, no salary deduction for a total of less than 5 hours)
■ Defined contribution pension plan (401K / contributed monthly except for the amount indicated for annual income.)
■ Special training attendance

■ Complete two-day work week ※ Depends on where you are assigned
■ Holidays, New Year holidays (12 / 30-1 / 3)
■ Paid leave (In case of joining the company in April: 10 days will be granted on the day of joining the company)
■ Summer vacation (3 days)
■ New year holiday (5 days)
■ Special holidays (congratulations / marriage / prenatal / postpartum / child care /nursing / birth / disaster leave etc.)

Application Method: Please send your updated resume at

対象エリア: 全国OK
投稿エリア: 東京
掲載日 2020/03/18

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