Build up your career as a Web Application Engineer

Position name: Web Application Engineer

Vacancies: 3-4

Employment: Full-time employee
Department: Web Engineer

Work location: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo (Ichigaya Honmura Town)

Training/Trial Period: (3 months)

Working hours: 08:00〜11:00

[Job description]

Those who join the team should be in charge of the following two types of work. You (In order to have a wide range of perspectives, do not only one but also both I will take it. )

[Job details]

・ Design / development of BtoC WEB service planned and operated by our company (application engineer)

・ Efforts to improve the productivity of engineers and the quality of products (Developer Productivity)

Workplace Appeal:

■ Specific example of work as an application engineer
・ Launched “Beauty Surgery / Dermatology Review Plaza”, a top-class review portal site in the aesthetic medicine industry Modeling with function addition, refurbishment, full renewal of our own B2C service / DB design / Coding / Code review / Refactoring

・ Design / development of new startup service

■ Example of business as Developer Productivity ・ Introduction of various tools to improve workflow and communication within the team / Development / automation of infrastructure ・ Automatic test and construction of CI environment by Selenium / Jenkins / CircleCI etc.

Must conditions:

・ Experience developing PHP (or LL languages such as Perl / Ruby / Python, JavaScript)
・ MySQL / AWS (or similar RDBMS) experience
・ Web application development / operation experience with LAMP or similar architecture
・ N3 or above
・ Reside in Japan"

Welcome conditions:

・ Experience using AWS
・ Experience of agile development by scrum etc.
・ Design and implementation experience for large-scale traffic
・ Development team management experience"

Expected annual salary when entering the company: 4 million to 8 million
Bonus : Twice a year
Increment :Twice a year (January, July)

Overtime average hour per month

Social Insurance: Health insurance, Employees 'pension, Workers' compensation insurance and Employment insurance
Holiday: Weekend, public holidays and more

Application Method:
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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対象エリア: 全国OK
掲載日 2020/04/29

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