Financial System Development [Java]

Position: Financial System Development [Java]
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Vacancies: 1
Employment Type: Full time
Probationary period: 6 months
Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

Responsibility: The financial system development team mainly manufactures in Java.

Job requirements:
・ Those who can do Java manufacturing process in the first person
・ Development experience of Java application (GUI)
・ Bank and securities project experience
・ JLPT level N2

Welcome conditions: Investment experience and FX knowledge

Expected annual salary: 4 million to 8 million yen

Benifits and welfare:
Bonus: Once a year
Salary increase: Once a year
Break time: 60 minutes
Overtime: 20 hours per month on average
Benefits: Social security complete

Holiday: Weekends, public holidays and others.

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)

Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

投稿エリア: 東京
対象エリア: 全国OK
掲載日 2020/09/ 4

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