[[9/27] NCBO Language Exchange at INARI GLEAN cafe and bar!

Are you also looking for new friends from different countries? Or maybe want to learn a new language?
NCBO language exchange takes place every month at Inari Glean cafe and bar and would love to have you swing by!!

さまざまな国の友達を作り、新しい言語を学びませんか? ?

This event will be hosted by international staff! Japanese staff working at the cafe will participate as well!
Share your traditions, language and culture while spending a good time at a new cozy cafe!


The event starts at 3 PM and finishes around 5 PM but you can stay longer, and take advantage of our happy hour, if you want to!
The event includes 1 drink (coffee, tea or juice) and one desert for just 1000 yen! or add an extra 200 yen for amazing Japanese craft beer or macha smoothie!


会場 / Place
Inari Glean
〒556-0023 大阪府大阪市浪速区稲荷2丁目4−18
〒556-0023 2-chōme-4-18 Inari, Naniwa-ku, Osaka · Osaka

Please note that most guests tend to come alone so don't be put off if you have a friend that can't join this time. Also note that the amount of people joining is expected to be higher than the amount you see on meet up as the event is promoted on different sites.

< このイベントのポイント >

So please come on over and enjoy a good time at the cafe INARI GLEAN! :)

一緒に楽しい時間をお過ごしましょう! :)

対象エリア: 全国OK
開催日: 2020/09/27
投稿エリア: 大阪
掲載日 2020/09/ 7

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