Network Engineer (New graduate or Freshers)

Position: Network Engineer
Work location: Tokai, Japan
Vacancies: 11 person or more
Employment type: Full time
Probationary period: 6 months
Working hours: 09:00-18:00

Job description:
Network maintenance within mobile phone base stations, in-house network construction and operation, large-scale server construction etc. After joining the company, you will take business etiquette and in-house training.

Job requirements:
・ Those who are expected to graduate in March 2021
・ Prospect of graduation from the Department of Information Engineering (technical college/college/university)
・ Japanese level N3 or above

Annual salary: 2.34 million yen to 2.7 million yen
[Monthly salary]
For graduate school: 225,000 yen
University/College graduate: 210,000 yen
Technical college graduates: 200,000 yen
Professional and junior college graduate: 195,000 yen

Company benifits:
Bonus: Twice
Increment: Once
Overtime: 20 hours per month on average

Welfare: Social insurence, dormitory system available, Career promotion support system, employee shareholding, Defined contribution pension system, housing allowance, overtime/holiday work allowance, transfer allowance, commuting allowance, family allowance etc.

Holiday: Annually 122 days.
Weekends, public holidays, summer vacation, condolence leave, annual paid leave, childcare/nursing care leave, prenatal/postnatal leave, menstrual leave, bone marrow donor leave etc.

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)

Please send us your updated English & Japanese resumes mentioning your position name and website name, (from where you find the JD) in the subject line at:

対象エリア: 全国OK
投稿エリア: 東京
掲載日 2020/12/25

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