Build up your career as a Construction Management Staff

Position name: Construction management at a home builder.
Employment: Full Time employment
Department: Second Sales Division, Construction Department
Work location: Saitama / Tokyo / Kanagawa / Chiba
Training/Trial Period: “3 months. There is no change in treatment during the trial period.”
Working hours: 09:00〜18:30

Main Business:
•Detached sales business
•Custom housing business
•General real estate distribution business
•Asset business
•Management business
•Real estate development

Job Information:
Recruitment background:
Business expansion (Increase in the number of projects.)

Job description:
You will be responsible for checking
- whether the construction proceeding is according to the schedule,
- whether the craftsman is working under safe environment
- whether or not there is a gap between the architects’ design and the actual house under construction,
- whether or not the cost within the set budget.

Specific duties:
1. Arrangement / ordering before construction
•Arrangement of craftsmen
•Order of materials
2. Creation of process schedule &Schedule management
3. Safety management like manage whether construction is progressing safely. This is the main task during the construction period.
4. Process control manages whether your work is going on schedule.
5. Quality control (for each process, upon completion) it manages whether it is finished as prescribed.

Mandatory Condition:
•Having working experience or academic background in Architectures.
•Language: Japanese (N3 or above)

Welcome Condition:
•Driver’s license (AT limited)

Estimated annual income: 3.5 million yen-5 million yen

Benefits & Welfare:
Various social insurance, qualification allowance, post allowance, overtime allowance, family allowance (with upper limit), housing allowance (with regulation), regional allowance (with regulation), complete parking lot (depending on area), qualification support, financial savings System, employee shareholding system, employee commendation system, internal events (employee general meeting, bathing, athletic meet, travel, etc.)

Treatment conditions and bonuses:
•In consideration of advance payment, experience and skills, preferential treatment according to company regulations.
•The monthly wage includes only 37 hours and no overtime fee of ¥ 45,000 to ¥ 60,000 (supplied separately)
•Raise: Once a year (April)
•Bonus: Twice a year (July and December, depending on company performance),
•Full payment of transportation expenses

Maternity and childcare leave status:
It is a "Kurumin" certified company and has been certified as a "Child care support company" by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. We are working to create an environment where both child-rearing and work are compatible, with a return to work rate of 100%. Both men and women have taken childcare leave

[Number of annual holidays: 110 days]
2 days per week (Sunday and other shifts), holidays, congratulations, condolences, menstruation, GW, summer vacation, New Year's holiday, paid vacation, nursing care, honeymoon, refresh, maternity leave * (many achievements)

Application Method:
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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